We hope you are all staying strong as we work through this difficult time.  Nothing is more important right now than our collective safety as we begin to anticipate the re-opening of our economy.  There do appear to be glimmers of hope on the horizon and I know we are all anxious for better news and days ahead.
Over the last several weeks, we have continuously monitored and updated facts as they relate specifically to the cruise industry, which in particular has been negatively highlighted in the media.
Sharing factual information as it relates to cruise travel will hopefully provide much needed clarity for you, your customers and their winners/guests.  Cruise ships have long practiced much more stringent sanitation and security protocols than any other mode of travel, and are well-suited to handle situations as they arise.  We also all know that new protocols will be established for the entire travel industry (as they were after 9/11), and it will be safe again not only for cruises, but air, hotels, trains, motorcoaches, events, etc.
 While it may be easy for the media to focus on cruising because of its high profile, the fact is cruising is neither the source or cause of the virus or its spread.  What is different about the cruise industry is the very stringent reporting requirements applicable to all vessels, which simply do not apply to comparable venues on land where the spread of communicable disease is just as prevalent.  

**Fact #1:

**Source:  CDC

  • The current total number of worldwide Covid19 cruise cases (including guest and crew) is .0006% of the total global impact,  With over 340 vessels sailing at any given time (and as was the case in March when ships were sailing), representing over 550,000 guests and crew, it is clear how minimally impacted the cruise industry was overall, and the VAST majority of vessels had NO issues whatsoever.

Fact #2:

  • Over half of the above cruise cases were on the two widely reported Princess ships alone.  However, even while very early, these ships quarantined immediately to reduce the risk of spread to the over 6,200 guests and crew combined on these two vessels (3D has the specific breakdown of cases on all ships).

 Fact #3:

  • Unlike airlines, trains, hotels, restaurants and other land oriented venues, cruise lines are REQUIRED to report guest or crew illness to the CDC, thus the collection of factual data is easy to obtain and communicate. 

Fact #4:

  • Cruise Lines have practiced enhanced security and sanitation practices for many years (and thus perhaps a reason why the number of cases on ships was minimized).  As one example, hand sanitizer is CONSTANTLY utilized and the use of it enforced:  crew stands at the entrance of the ship and dining venues to apply, and dispensers are in abundance throughout a ship. 
  • U.S. Public Health regularly and frequently inspects ships in the U.S. to ensure safety and sanitation practices are in place, and operable in accordance with the very strict regulations for cruise ships.
    We will share more very soon.  Meanwhile, be safe and know the 3D team is here to provide support and insight relative to factual cruise information at any time!