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From the Depths to Re-Berth!

Happy Holidays!  We want to share a GREAT holiday gift with you:  the exciting and positive news coming from the cruise industry!


We are also excited to share our new series, entitled From The Depths to Re-Berth.  We appreciate the support and interest in our series Reality Vs Perception over the last 18 months, ensuring accurate facts and stats were communicated about the cruise industry.

From the Depths…..

The cruise industry was hit incredibly hard this past year and a half.  Perhaps the hardest hit of the entire travel industry.  An important reminder:  the actual number of covid cases on ships, in total, was less than .1% of the cases worldwide!!  However, the negative and out-of-context reporting caused an incredibly damaging and unwarranted perception of ships and cruising.


To the Re-Berth (pun intended ?)…..

The cruise industry is experiencing a complete re-birth with approximately 80% of the worldwide fleet now sailing, the balance sailing in Q1 2022, and over 100 new ships scheduled for delivery in the coming years.

 Cruises are operating successfully and safely, with rare Covid-related incidents (.0002 guests sailing have been affected).  With protocols in place around the globe, both onboard and in partnership with ports of call, this ensures the impact to all guests is negligible.


The news has now shifted from the negativity of the past to new headlines stating: “Are Cruises Now the Safest Way to Travel”?  The simple answer? 

YES, and here are some facts to support that confidence:

The cruise industry is leading the way with stringent health and safety measures, with some of the highest levels of Covid-19 mitigation of any industry.

Protocols incorporate testing, vaccination, screening, sanitation, enhanced ventilation, mask-wearing by all crew, physical distancing, contact tracing, technology and other proven public health measures that are facilitating a responsible return to sailing.

And more good news!

 The CDC has confirmed the elimination of the Conditional Sail Order effective Jan 15, 2022!!!! 

As the cruise industry is the ONLY portion of the entire travel industry that is required to report to the CDC, this is incredibly positive news, as it means the ships can once again take control of their own protocols.  What that means specifically is yet to be advised; will both vaccination and testing requirements still be enforced?  Likely yes to both, for a while, but stay tuned as the industry has worked so hard to resume safely and regain consumer confidence.


Our industry has been through a lot, yet 16 new ships were delivered in 2020, 20+ new ships launched 2021, and over 100 more are on the new ship order book! 

New ships are coming from every aspect of the cruise industry:  Expedition, River, Luxury, Premium and Contemporary—all segments are building. All are growing, with so many options to consider for groups and charters.


We are your Cruise Experts! We know the ships, the protocols and are here to help find the perfect ship for your next meeting or incentive. 


Let us know how we can help!

Stay safe and well,

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