We are pleased to share our Reality vs Perception series #3 as we continue to find, confirm and distribute FACTS as they relate to the cruise industry.  The recent reporting supports what 3D has been communicating now for weeks.  As we all know, no part of the travel (or any other) industry could have had adequate plans in place to manage the overall impact in recent months.  However, what is becoming abundantly clear, and factually supported, is that the CDC has been unbalanced in their response to the cruise industry by comparison to land based (and air) options!

For example, while we see hotels re-opening and airlines increasing service again, most cruise ships have not yet been cleared.  While some protocols have been announced and are far advanced to what hotels and airlines are doing, why has the CDC not yet cleared the large cruise ships?  Remember ONLY .0006 of covid cases, worldwide, were on cruise ships!  The cruise industry may well be the cleanest and safest way to travel going forward!  Cruise lines haven’t previously brought these practices to the forefront from a publicity perspective….which they certainly will do now and going forward.

Fact #1:  Cruise lines are beginning to sail! SeaDream and Ponant have announced voyages in Europe and Paul Gauguin will resume voyages in Tahiti. Both domestic U.S. and European river cruise lines have already or will resume shortly!

Fact #2:  Protocols for many smaller cruise lines are now published, including the above. Larger ocean lines, as well, have been published or will be coming soon!

Fact #3:  Cruise ships have very controlled exit and entry points for guests and crew, unlike hotels! Non-sailing guests have never been permitted to board (unless special clearance was arranged) ALL visitors must have clearance to board. 

Fact #4:  The service personnel on a ship live in the vessel and don’t go home at night – so opportunity to mingle with anyone outside the ship and bring an illness is mitigated 

Fact #5: Cruise bookings are on the rise! There is an increase in 2021 bookings over 2020, and not due to rebookings!

Fact #6:  Cruise lines have not and are NOT ‘trying to avoid paying taxes.’ As international companies, they are simply not required. The cruise industry does contribute billions of dollars to economies around the globe with port of call spend (shorex, port fees, taxes, shopping) as well as the payroll for all people that work and support the cruise industry. For example in the U.S. alone, the cruise industry contributes over $50 billion   

As the Cruise industry continues to work on the required clearance by the CDC to resume operations soon, we know for a FACT that the increased health and sanitation protocols already introduced will make cruising far superior to the rest of the travel industry relative to health, safety and sanitation!

Be safe, stay positive and know the 3D team is here to provide support and insight relative to factual cruise information at any time.