As we continue to work through this challenging time, we recognize there is still a lot of confusion and unanswered questions.  In a continuing effort to ensure you are provided with facts specific to the cruise industry, we will consistently provide you with updated information (please follow us on social media if you already don’t).  As stated previously, and now widely known:  CRUISE SHIPS ARE NOT THE CAUSE NOR WERE THE SPREAD OF THIS VIRUS! 

●  Updated Cruise Ratio to Covid19 Worldwide: the total number of worldwide Covid19 cruise cases (including guest and crew) is .0006% of the total global impact.  As was the case in March, with over 340 vessels sailing worldwide at any given time, it continues to be clear how minimally impacted the cruise industry was overall, and the fact still remains that the VAST majority of vessels had NO issues whatsoever!

● Airlines and hotels are just beginning to announce new practices that ships have done for YEARS relative to sanitation.  We realize many people are not aware that ships previously followed these protocols: 
→health questionnaires prior to boarding
→deep cleaning/disinfecting of public areas
→hand sanitizer stations in abundance, required to board a vessel and enter a restaurant
→frequent US Public Health inspections

● Of course, there WILL BE additional sanitation and safety practices implemented on ships and we will update you as we learn them.  A couple examples include:

1.  Royal Caribbean has registered trademarks for #seamask and #emuster, and have already advised buffets will be re-invented as ships come back into service. We know a detailed list of updated protocols for all lines is forthcoming within the next 2 weeks!

2.  A European river cruise has recently offered these initial guidelines (and others are in the process of communicating their new protocols as well):
→Gloves, face masks and small bottles of hand sanitizer will be readily available for all guests
→Coffee table books, magazines and brochures will no longer be placed throughout the ship but provided digitally through an app
→Total number of guests in our restaurants at one time, with two seating times for each meal
→All meals will be served by waitstaff, with no self-service allowed
→For excursions, the maximum occupancy per bus will be adjusted to reduce the total number of people together at one time

When the ships do go back into service, they will do so within the strict guidelines required to ensure safety and security of guests and the crew who serve them, and not a moment beforeThis will not only include additional measures for boarding and on board services, but also a detailed plan (as required by the CDC) to ensure repatriation of guests and crew to avoid port closures to ships in the future.  This was a primary factor for ships being delayed into ports early on, rather than confusion and incorrect information reported surrounding infection on ships in the early stages of this virus in March.

Be safe, stay positive and know the 3D team is here to provide support and insight relative to factual cruise information at any time