From The Depths, to the Re-Berth

Establishing Context and Accurate Data as the cruise Industry resumes successfully, and most importantly, SAFELY

The cruise industry is leading the way with stringent health and safety measures, with some of the highest levels of Covid-19 mitigation of any industry.

Did you know?  The Cruise Industry is the ONLY area of the entire travel industry that is required to report to the CDC?

As a result:

●We know the numbers, and the FACTS simply do not lie! There has been (99% of the time or more) less than 1% occurrence on ships!

●Safety protocols include testing, vaccinations, screening, sanitation, enhanced ventilation, mask-wearing by all crew, physical distancing, contact tracing, technology and other proven health measures, which collectively are not done in any other aspect of the hospitality and event space

Cruise is the ONLY sector of the travel industry offering a highly controlled environment with proven health, safety and science-backed protocols, offering the highest levels of PROVEN mitigation that no other commercial setting can match!

A recent analysis of CDC data found that the cruise industry’s effective health measures aid in achieving a far lower rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations per 100,000 people—nearly 80 times (or 8,000 percent) lower than on land.

What does all of this data mean? Good news and exciting times ahead!

Where are we now?

  • Though not yet indicative of the factually reported statistics, the CDC just lowered the travel advisory for cruise travel—speaking directly to the success of the proven health and safety protocols!  Progress in the right direction!

  • The CDC’s conditional sail order expired on 1/15/22—confirmed not to be extended due to (and stated by the CDC) the fact that the cruise lines have consistently demonstrated since resumption that their protocols are working, thus the exceptionally low numbers on board.

  • Mask mandates are being lifted by several cruise lines at this time, and more updates coming!

  • Approximately 80% of the worldwide fleet is sailing again with the balance sailing in the next few months.

  • Over 2,000,000 passengers have sailed successfully since the ships resumed in June 2020. Only .0002% guests sailing since 2020 have been affected with COVID related incidents.

  • Over 50 ships have been delivered between 2020, 2021 and what is still are coming in 2022.

  • Over 70 new ships are on order for delivery in the next couple of years.

Providing statistical data to your customers, colleagues and ultimately participants is paramount. The unfortunate perception of cruise perpetuated in the media was unfounded and completely out of context. We have the data. We have the facts. We can help you present a cruise showing the history supporting what the cruise industry has consistently demonstrated, and continues to implement to ensure guest and crew safety.

Distributing and discussing this factual information is critical to the continued resumption of confidence in cruise!

As you look at short and longer-term group and charter opportunities, let us know what you need and how we can help! There is 2022, 2023 and beyond group AND charter availability, and we are already seeing the increase in requests as positive news continues for our beloved industry!

3D is YOUR subject matter expert! We know the ever-evolving protocols. 
We know what has been built, what is coming, and when, and can’t wait to share all of the exciting news as it develops!


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