We are excited to share the launch of the new National Geographic Endeavour II.  She is a purpose-built expedition ship that first sailed in 2005. After a complete refit, she will redeploy to Galápagos starting in Jan. 2017. She is exceptionally nimble and maneuverable, with a shallow draft to get up close, great viewing from all public spaces, large windows in cabins and suites, state-of-the-art tools for exploration, and a fast, seamless twin Zodiac loading platform.


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Galápagos with the luxury of choice
Accommodating 96 guests in 52 cabins and suites, National Geographic Endeavour II caters to a sociable mix of families, friends, couples and solo travelers. The ship offers the choice of suites on two decks, double cabins with beds that can be configured as two twins or a queen, seven sets of connecting cabins for families and friends, triple cabins, and dedicated solo cabins, which are equal in size and amenities to the doubles. All have a large window or windows.

Her dining room easily accommodates our entire expedition community for a single seating, and unassigned table settings make for a gregarious experience for solo travelers and groups. The brand new forward lounge features a redesigned presentation space that offers all aboard the chance to participate in evening Recaps or special guest events. Life aboard is casual in every respect. There is no need for formal clothing, although you are welcome to bring casually festive attire for the fun of it. And you’ll find shipboard services like laundry make packing and traveling more convenient.