Shawn Events Designs @ Sea

Meet Shawn M. Sawyer, Creative Director at Events & Designs @ Sea. With over 20 years’ experience designing and producing corporate and social events along with society high-end weddings for a plethora of clients, Shawn possesses all of the qualities you would expect for a creative visionary – a keen, almost obsessive eye for detail, fingers that are ever-pressed to the pulse of the events and design industries, an ability to come up with out-of-the-box ideas at the drop of the dime, and a heartfelt zeal for transforming clients’ visions and musings into groundbreaking masterpieces!

Shawn has produced events for travel and hotel industry heavy hitters, such as the iconic Atlantis Resort.From the December 1998 grand opening of Atlantis’ Royal Towers, to the May 2007 grand opening of the Cove, Shawn has established and maintained a long-standing relationship with them and many other partners over the years with brands such as the Four Seasons, One & Only Ocean Club and many more.

Whether you are throwing a mega birthday bash, a corporate or social event and or everything in between, he will ensure that your event is produced with the highest level of finesse, quality, professionalism, and all-around grandeur!