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3D Cruise Partners Named “Inspirational Partner/Making it Happen”

3D Cruise Partners Named “Inspirational Partner/Making it Happen’ by Major Midwest Incentive Company Since we’ve engaged Karen for sourcing crises, our lives have been so much easier! She is responsive, timely, and creative and makes things happen!  (Who else has [...]

From The Depths, to the Re-Berth Series

From The Depths, to the Re-Berth Establishing Context and Accurate Data as the cruise Industry resumes successfully, and most importantly, SAFELY The cruise industry is leading the way with stringent health and safety measures, with some of the highest levels [...]

Reality vs Perception

Evolving to…. From the Depths to Re-Berth! Happy Holidays!  We want to share a GREAT holiday gift with you:  the exciting and positive news coming from the cruise industry! CRUISES ARE BACK!!! We are also excited to share our new [...]

MICE Talk 360: Sailing Safe – Getting Back in the Water

Join the conversation with 3D Cruise Partners as Karen Devine, founder, and CEO, along with Vice President of  Sales Stacey Fitzgerald, as they bring a healthy dose of reality to the cruise conversation. 18 months can seem like an eternity [...]

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