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From The Depths, to Re-Berth. Establishing Context and Accurate Data as the Cruise Industry resumes successfully in 2022, and most importantly, SAFELY.
Reality vs Perception: From the Depths to Re-Berth Newsletter
3D’s Series “Reality vs. Perception” outlines facts related to the cruise industry through the Covid19 issues from starting in March, 2020 through present time. 
Reality vs Perception: Evolving to…From the Depths to Re-Berth!
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The Return of the Cruise Industry! Reality vs. Perception #4

Karen Devine interview in June 2020 Corporate & Incentive Magazine/Cruise Control

Naturally, leisure guests will return before groups do. “They’re already lined up to get back on ships as soon as they’re in the water,” says Karen Devine, CITP, Founder & CEO, 3D Cruise Partners, the contracted cruise buyer for many of the major incentive companies around the United States. “So, the positive reporting from the industry on booking is because of the retail guest.” Following the return of leisure, it is likely that many of the initial cruise meetings will be on smaller ships and charters. A charter allows a group to control who is on board and dictate COVID-19 protocols for all guests, in addition to those dictated by the cruise line. “From early indications, the ability to charter a small vessel like our river ships and yachts will continue to be popular,” Giacone says. “These vessels accommodate a smaller number of guests with abundant onboard space, providing a secure environment for corporate programs and special event occasions.” read entire article

Karen Devine interview in June 2020 Insurance & Financial Meetings Management Magazine: Cruise Industry Update

The Industry is Adapting

Karen Devine, CITP, founder and CEO of 3D Cruise Partners, predicts that leisure business will be first to get back into the water. “Relative to the travel industry, many of us who’ve been around for a long time have been making comparisons to 9/11,” Devine says. “Everyone said, ‘No one’s going to travel anymore.’ But we’ve been through things in the past that seemed intimidating and dramatic, and we did come back, with new protocols, and we adapted. Think about it. Before 9/11, the TSA didn’t exist, we didn’t take our shoes off at airports and we didn’t have limits on 3-ounce bottles.”

“The cruise industry has long required guests to use hand sanitizers before entering restaurants, and hand-washing stations have become standard in buffet restaurants on the newer ships. The CDC already requires ships to have certain sanitation protocols in place, including the products they use.” read entire article

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